Card Sorting

I’m currently working my way through Treehouse’s UX Design Techdegree. Prior to putting together a design portfolio, I will be using this blog as a place to post projects.

Goal: to create a user-flow map and wireframe for the client - an app called Hike With Me. The cardsort below indicates two potential path the our users, Joaquin and Shania, might take during their use of the app.


You can view the prototype of my wireframe for Joaquin’s experience here:

6 Plants


Blogging is not something I‘ve done much of historically but I’ve been craving a more genuine way to share what I am working on as an alternative to social media, which has its limitations.

I’ve started an online design course, and have made a commitment to draw for at least 30 minutes every day. I suppose this commitment is some form of me rebelling against the ever-looming feeling I have that the world is spinning out of control, and I must find my power where I can. Between these two new facets of my life, I feel that a blog will be a natural way to share the fruits of that labour and hold me accountable.

The rules of this new drawing commitment are as follows:

  1. Draw for 30 minutes or more every day.

  2. It doesn’t have to be “good”.

  3. This if for me.

Keeping those in mind, I hope you’ll enjoy following along :)


For my first design project, we are asked to draw one household object a minimum of ten different times, each time using a different style, perspective, inspiration or tool. The six plants you see above are my favorite of the ten that I submitted.

I drew a small houseplant, using my Apple Pencil and Adobe Sketch.

I really enjoyed this project because it made me get back to the basics, something that I can really benefit from. Drawing one object many times forced me to get creative in its representation and loosen up, because I know there are many more drawings to be made of this plant - who cares if I mess this one up! What a luxury.